A service that helps collect all relevant information and documents about a feature, with a shareable overview, so that information doesn't get lost and everyone can have the same frame of reference.


A wrapper around HackerNews that grays out stories that were already seen.

EBNF Editor

A lightweight, Notepad++ style, web-based EBNF editor. With syntax highlighting.

In Progress


A service that shows how many users support the browser features used on a web project (therefore for how many users it doesn't work), highlights other features that can be used, and alerts as soon as polyfills can be removed.



A user-friendly and privacy focused dream journal for iOS.

Reddit Usage Statistics

Visualizes the average weekly usage of the most used subreddits, and uses a simple calculation to determine when the best time for posting is.


Pather.CSharp makes dynamic Property Access easier by resolving Property Paths on Objects.


Botball is a robotics competition for students. 2012 was the first year a Botball competition took place in Europe. My team (Puzzles) and I were the happy winners of the ECER and reached the 11th place at the GCER in Hawaii.



Makes checking software dependencies for security vulnerabilities a lot easier and aims to increase awareness of known vulnerabilities to improve the security of software in general.